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Banji keyboard standaard

Keyboard stand Banji

The fresh and upcoming band Banji wanted to have a different type of keyboard-stands for their shows.

Coffee Corner

This modular coffeecorner echoes the playfulness of 80s Memphis designs, but is very much up to date with sustainable materials.

AtoB seat

A particularly sustainable line of public transport seats.

Sustainable Shelter

Together with our client VDL Metaal, we developed a concept for a sustainable bus shelter.

Energy Core

The Energy Core is an innovative solution for improving the energy efficiency of existing homes.

Bicycle Buddy app

The Bicycle Buddy is a smartphone application for cyclists that motivates people to cycle more often.

Waste bin Kollekt

NS Stations was in need of a fresh design for a large waste bin that would invite people to use as intended.


We designed many electric tools, including lines for Skil, Ferm and Euroboor.

With a flexible and compact team, we work daily on the challenges of tomorrow.

We focus on both 2D and 3D design from sketch to full engineering. Contact us for your design question or to make an appointment.