Wayfinding Utrecht
Wayfinding city center

Wayfinding Utrecht

Municipality of Utrecht

In order to make the station area around Utrecht Central Station more accessible to pedestrians, we developed signage for the municipality of Utrecht. We have designed station markers for the area directly around the central station, large signposts with all known destinations and boarding points for tram, bus and taxi. A station plan or area map is added to about half of the 30 station pointers. The signs and maps are illuminated so that they are also clearly visible at night.

We redesigned the direction signs for the city center of Utrecht. The clarity of the destinations is increased, partly by using a separate sign with only one line of text for each destination.

We made full-scale mock-up models of the signs. A consumer test was carried out on location with the models. A survey shows that both daily commuters and first-time visitors appreciate the new signage.

We developed and detailed all the signs, and soon they will be installed at Utrecht Central Station.