About us

With a small, enthusiastic team, we provide a stream of successful products.


Brandes en Meurs industrial design started in 1988 as a partnership of Michiel Brandes and Michiel Meurs. In 1996 Michiel Brandes left to pursue his career in music. Michiel Meurs expanded the company into a well-equipped studio with a close-knit team of designers and engineers. The team now consists of 5 people. Occasionally it is supplemented by interns or graduates.


In addition to developing products and services for consumers, we have a lot of experience designing and engineering products for public spaces. With our sister company FromAtoB Public Design we focus exclusively on this area.

The studio

Thanks to our many years of experience in product design, your questions and projects are in good hands. We have already translated many ideas and dreams into successful products.
In our studio in Bunnik we have all the essential design tools, including a workshop for building models and prototypes.

Our studio is sustainably furnished, with PV cells on the roof, energy-efficient lighting and a heat pump for heating and cooling.

We provide 2D and 3D design from sketch to full engineering.

Please contact us for your design question or to make an appointment.