Form follows vision

Brandes en Meurs industrial design develops products for a sustainable living environment and for the transition to a circular economy.

Our society is in transition. A sustainable economy requires new services and products. As designers, we use our creativity to imagine and visualise how these services and products might look. This is how we let our clients explore tomorrows reality.

We have a long track record of designing and engineering products. In our opinion a good design is not only about good looks, but also about functional design and design for manufacturability. In our phased design process we eliminate risks step by step. We select the proper materials and the right production techniques to ensure efficient production.

Designers have a big responsibility for the environmental impacts of the products they design. This is why we conduct studies on materials, technologies and methods to minimise environmental impact. We use various tools in our design-process to make the right choices.

With our strategic design we shape tomorrow’s concepts and products.

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