Study sustainable public transport
Sustainable train

Study sustainable public transport

Private initiative of FromAtoB

In this study we explored options for making public transport equipment truly sustainable. First we analyzed trends and future scenarios and then used them to develop concept designs for buses and trains. Our study not only looks at drive technology and energy consumption, but also at other aspects that are relevant during the use, such as passenger comfort, air conditioning, information, maintenance, cleaning and safety.

Short and long term concepts are visualized for bus and train. We propose solutions based on expected developments in demography, travel behaviour and needs, climate change, energy transition, technology and material use. In the long term we might see fleets of compact, self-driving units for road transport that can drive alone or in tandem. On the rail we expect to see self-driving single or double deck trains with a threshold-free entrance, seat assignment, energy-efficient lighting and climate control.

For the short term, solutions have been outlined that are more similar to existing buses and trains, but more energy efficient and sustainable due to the use of smart materials and technology.

Our study was carried out in the period 2014 – 2016. The studies and concepts form the basis for follow-up projects, such as the sustainable train seat AtoB seat.