Brandes en Meurs does strategic study and analysis, concept design, final design and engineering. We have an in house modelshop to create physical models at any stage in the design process. We can create rapid prototypes using our CNC milling machine or by using the 3D printing capacities of our trusted suppliers. We do not just create outstanding and innovative designs, we also develop design styles for brands and for generations of products. For a number of clients in different branches we have created Design Guides, based on our designs.


We use Adobe’s Creative Cloud software and 3D CAD programs SolidWorks and Creo (Pro-Engineer).

Expertise: Consumer

We have ample experience with consumer durables like the power tools for Skil and Ferm. These products are mass-produced and sold worldwide. We also have experience with social media design.

Expertise: Professional

Office furniture, professional power tools, retail- and interior design: professional products have to meet many requirements. That’s what makes them interesting for our designers.

Expertise: Public

Designing for public space and public transport is a special thing. With our branch FromAtoB Public Design we focus just on this, with success.

Visiting address:

Doordraai 2 - 4

3981 PE Bunnik

The Netherlands


Postal address:

P.O. box 83

3980 CB Bunnik

The Netherlands


Telephone: +31 30 2310206